easy or hard


This sign is a metaphor for the signs that happen in our lives.

 Just like the sign in this picture we often don’t recognize what the sign is saying because we are choosing to look at the view that is behind the sign – not the words that are on the sign.


The signs in our lives will tell us who we are and the qualities we are incorporating into our life.


Life Is Full Of Choices teaches:

  • that I am responsible for my life and choices.
  • that I do not need to feel guilty for other peoples choices.
  • how not do be controlled by my or other peoples past choices.


We often find ourselves talking to parents about their kids.  The truth is the concepts of Life Is Full Of Choices are as applicable to adults as they are to kids – maybe more so.  It is just that it is easier to hear and understand the concepts when we are talking about kids.


The second Cornerstone says:

Life is full of choices.

And the choices I make today

can affect the circumstances of my life

and other peoples lives

both now and in the future.

Are you trying to control circumstances that are not yours to control?

Are you willing to focus on qualities instead of circumstances?

Ask us how to tell the difference between qualities and circumstances.


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