In this section we will describe the three most common ways in which the message of Life Is Full Of Choices is spread.  These are not the only way to interact with the staff, just the most common ways.

Introductory Presentation

An introductory presentation is the first contact with Life Is Full Of Choices.


  • Life stories.
  • A brief history of LIFOC.
  • An overview of seminar content.
  • Introduction to resources available.
  • Tools to impact the local community.
  • Opportunities to partner with LIFOC.
  • Information table.

Cost is negotiable



A seminar is a 4-6 hour multi-part interactive series focusing on transforming human perspective into Godly freedom and peace.

We can do this as a one day event or two days for a weekend event or retreat.

We are also offering a eight week course that can be held as a Sunday School Class or Small Group.


  • 4 Core Needs
  • Relationship between the 4 Core Needs and maturity.
  • How our 4 Core Needs affect the Choices we make.
  • Stop, Assess and Start Over.
  • 3 Cornerstones
    • Connection between Choices and Qualities.
    • Empowerment, Responsibility and Freedom.
  • Practical applications.

Cost:  cost of materials/expenses


Individualized Training

Individualized Training is customized on a case by case basis.

Facilitated via:

  • Face to face
  • Skype/IM
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Snail Mail

Cost is negotiable


To find out more information about One-on-One mentoring please contact:

or call (855) 285-4362 or (855) AT LIFOC