These are some quotes from people who have attended the Foundational Principles of Family Peace Seminar.


This seminar should be attended by everyone who has kids, works with kids, knows kids or who used to be a kid.        Jennifer


This seminar taught me more about myself than all the counseling classes I took in seminary.  Pastor Izzy


We often feel overwhelmed in our parenting journey.  This seminar provided a road map that showed how to go from  here and a realistic foundation on which to build.  Melissa


Where were you 30 years ago when I needed you.   Janice


This seminar helped me develop the fundamentals needed to successfully parent and help my kids understand their choices.  Tiffany


This seminar was amazing!  Doug


This seminar gave my husband and me concrete tools on how to set boundaries with my teenage son.  Katherine


I work with kids.  Now I feel better equipped.  John


I am very glad I attended this seminar.  I have gained practical examples of how to handle parenting obstacles.  Sarah


This seminar empowered me to reinforce with my kids the importance that choices have in the quality of one’s life.  We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we can control the way we choose to respond to them.  Collette


This seminar was FUN!  Dan


I learned how to communicate with my fiance’ on rules and consequences.  Kiel


To often we can or do not move beyond the circumstances of our past, therefore we are teaching our children to not make responsible choices.  We just choose to blame our circumstances, to get hung-up on them and not move past them.  Doug


I never realized that consistency is the the path to peace in the home.  Kristi


Johna nd Sheryl are a great team.  They do a great job of interacting with their listeners.   Greg


Thank you for this wonderful seminar as well as practical direction for how to parent.  You heaped a pile of peace and hope on me.  Dawn


This is a great seminar.  The information is very helpful, the notes are easy to follow and the interaction with the participants and your own examples make it easy to relate what I am hearing to my family.  Jennifer