John & Sally Childress

J&S Childress 675 Life is Full of Choices Europe is passionate about coming alongside those who are struggling with addictive behaviors and habits. John and Sally use their life stories, experience, biblical counsel, seminars, and printed material. They are also very willing to have an authentic and transparent conversation about their struggles, and the hope they now have in Christ Jesus, with whomever they meet.

John and Sally have a unique ministry together.  They met later in life.  John had already lived his life of addictive behavior and was seeking God’s perfect will for his life.  Sally had been a missionary on various fields.  God has put them together.  John has a perspective from the road of hard addictions.  Sally has a perspective from going through many years of depression and the everyday addictive behaviors that she depended on in order to get through the day.

God has led John to write a book: and he is leading a life free from addictions, and now, by God’s amazing grace,  leading seminars. Sally is working alongside John, helping lead the seminars, and doing PhD studies in Biblical Counseling.

They are available to speak internationally, and have just accepted a mission opportunity to work alongside A.S.L.A.N in the center of London.  They will be leading a recovery ministry,  Christ-Centered, to help those struggling with addictive habits find freedom in Christ.  Their base will be The Clubhouse, a ministry venue set up by John Stott, a significant evangelist in Britain’s recent history.  They will be ministering to the homeless, the vulnerably housed and all who have been caught up in destructive habits, from alcohol, drugs, gambling to the hidden, behind the scenes, habits such as internet, gaming and damaging eating behaviors.  John and Sally love to train and pass on their work.  They hope to host mission teams and individuals who want to gain more experience in this field.

They are in the process of raising funds to do this work.  They hope to be there in July, 2014.  

The following is a link to John and Sally’s BLOG page and more information about their ministry; how to become a part of this vital ministry, and help them be your hands and feet reaching out to lost and desperate people drowning in their addictive behaviors.