What Life Is Full Of Choices means by “Empowerment”

The concept of “empowerment” that is popular today seems to be tied to “power” and how to manufacture it, create the feeling of it or take it away from someone else.

In the book Cornerstones and Core Needs of Growing Kids the first Cornerstone is an illustration of how Life Is Full Of Choices uses the word empowerment.

It says:

“Life is full of choices,

and the choices I make today

will determine the qualities of my life

both now and in the future.”


“The moment a person of any age understands the ramifications of these words is the moment they take control of their life.  They begin to see how choices are considered and made all day long.  They realize that every moment provides a choice waiting to be made and that every action reveals a choice already made.  Once that thought sinks in they have taken control of that portion of their lives.  At that moment they are empowered!”

True empowerment is not something Life Is Full Of Choices can manufacture out of thin air, create the feeling of in your life or take away from someone else and give to you.  Maybe others can, but we are not in that business.  God created me with the power to make the choices in my life that would determine the qualities in my life. With that God-given power comes the responsibility for the choices I make.

Whether I recognize that my choices determine the qualities in my life and that I am responsible for those choices or not does not alter the fact that I am.  In this life people will hold me responsible and ultimately God will hold me accountable for the choices I make.

If I live my live without recognizing that I have choices I am un-empowered.  By contrast, when I understand that I am responsible for my choices I am empowered.

Life Is Full Of Choices has not created power, can not create it and can never give it to you.  All we can do is reveal to you the power God has given you to choose the qualities in your life.  With that revelation you become empowered.

Life Is Full Of Choices has not taken power from someone else in order for you to have it. God gave it to you.  You have always had it.

As we use the term “empowerment” please remember that the power you are looking for has already been given to you and it can never be taken from you.

You can ignore it. You have the power to make that choice – and that’s the point of empowerment.